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Tornares Duero


Inspired by the rhythmic movement of water, the DUERO series is characterized by the repetition of geometries with different radius that cause a gradual and irregular game of light and shadow.

As the waves of the water, the piece is characterized by offering a sensation of constant balance, and at the same time, causing a sensation of eternal movement.

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Tornares Gredos


A play of light and shadow that recalls the steep mountains and the swaying of the orography with a uniform texture, engaging contrast, and generating full and gaps in an exciting continuity. They are conceived as vertical pieces, strengthening the slimness of the relief lines and shadows.

GREDOS allows to be combined with the ORDESA series, offering the user more configuration options getting to personal, original and unique results.

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Tornares Ordesa


Ordesa is generated by combining curved and straight geometries, creating an expressive piece with a great formal personality that allows creating a great variation of sensations.

ORDESA is designed to be combined with the GREDOS series, as the perfect complement in its form and concept. These combinations allow a great variety of aesthetic and formal results, being able to adapt to the spaces and the needs of each user.

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Tornares Hiru


Hiru represents the versatility of a piece that can be combined with any other of the series ORDESA, GREDOS or DUERO.

Its flatness and simplicity foster the play of light and shadow of the three relief series, presenting itself as the best accessory, as well as a unique piece that enforces the most traditional modulation of ceramics.

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Tornares Zumaia


With straight lines and timeless design, this piece stands out for its simplicity and contained beauty.

Inspired by the geometries and surfaces of the ZUMAIA Flysch, this series presents a differential erosion resulting in a game of heights that projects a different vibration depending on the light received.

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Tornares Galena


GALENA is the result of intense work with the raw materials to get a piece with character and personality without giving up on simplicity.

This series stands out because of the duality of the original and artificial shapes where the bright colours and simple eterogeneous geometries blend in with the purest of natural ceramic material.

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